Atlas Global Technologies is a patent licensing company that owns and licenses IEEE 802.11ax standard essential patents (SEP’s) developed by NEWRACOM Inc., a fabless semiconductor manufacturer of WiFi chips spun out of ETRI in 2014. NEWRACOM is one of the most significant contributors to the 802.11ax (WiFi 6) standard.


Atlas Global Technologies licenses its over 371 issued and pending patents worldwide, including over 230 issued or allowed US patents, 171 of which are Wi-Fi 6 Standard Essential. These patents cover innovations in key advances of WiFi technology in the 802.11ax standard (Wi-Fi 6) wireless local area network (WLAN) technology.


 NEWRACOM contributed significant inventions to a number of 802.11ax technology areas, including:

  • Trigger Frame Structure & Simultaneous Multi-User Acknowledgement – improves uplink performance by more than 2X, yielding much greater efficiency in densely populated areas.
  • PPDU Structure – key to backwards compatibility and co-existence with previous Wi-Fi versions.
  • Spatial Reuse & Beamforming – allows more efficient use of spectrum and provides reduced power consumption and longer range
  • Link Adaptation – provides better performance in crowded environments.
  • Multi-User Synchronization & RTS/CTS Signaling – allows simultaneous multiple user transmissions and reduces power consumption


Atlas Global Technologies licenses its over 371 issued and pending US patents and foreign counterparts covering innovations in key advances of 802.11ax Wi-Fi technology. 

The Wi-Fi 6 portfolio includes the following U.S. 802.11ax standard-essential patents: